We support city development in an intelligent, sustainable and resilient way through the most suitable technologies according to a strategic and systemic vision

We are

Tomorrow’s Cities LAB was born from an initiative of a group of professors and researchers of the University of Cagliari and aims to analyze and promote a multidisciplinary urban regeneration, co-design and innovation of cities, looking for solutions to balance the private interest and public administration, the usefulness of individuals and collective welfare, through a continuous search for innovative models for the enhancement of the resources of the territory, limiting waste and focusing on the people who live there.
The mission of the TCL is to analyze and develop innovative solutions for the development of strategies and policies that focus on sustainability, resilience and urban and territorial smartness, as well as facilitate their dissemination and implementation through studies, conferences and concrete experimentsaimedatoptimizing and innovating public services and linking the material infrastructure of cities with human capital, intellectual and social capital that lives them, thanks to the use of new communication technologies, sustainable mobility, solutions for environmental protection, heritage promotion and energy efficiency, in order to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions.


Valorize. Read urban contexts through the analysis of geographical and statistical data and the use of BIM, MEP and CIM software to identify their specificity and development potential and find the most appropriate ways to turn them into opportunities for development.

Innovate. Identify and develop the (most appropriate) technology for architecture, landscape and territory, looking for new ways to improve the environment, developing the fields of urban analysis, GIS mapping, urban planning, development of digital tools and digital humanities.

Sensitivity. Disseminate knowledge through conferences, seminars and training processes in order to encourage the adoption of behaviours geared towards improving the quality of life and overall well-being.

Imagining. Go beyond customs. Break down social, economic and geographical barriers by making the fundamental resources of life accessible to all. Build the knowledge necessary to carry out actions leading to significant improvements.

Organize. Build systems of knowledge and decision support based on reliable indicators and updated data. Select the most reliable sources and methodologies to manage the vast amount of data available today and improve understanding of urban dynamics.

Nourish. Enrich the urban context with content and solutions geared towards sustainability, resilience and smartness by contributing to their realisation and implementation in order to protect the planet and enable the prosperity of local contexts in the global system.

The International Smart Cities School: imagination, planning, governance and tools, is one of the initiatives of the Tomorrow’s Cities Lab. This year, in a winter edition because of the Covid-19 emergency, it foresees a ten days program organized in collaboration with the Smart Cityness Festival.