Research projects

Governing tHe smart city: a gOvernance-centred approach to SmarT urbanism – GHOST

The main objective of this research project is to offer a comprehensive framework for measuring and re-evaluating smart urban development and related rankings, while also highlighting the opportunities to implement a more participatory analysis process.

Principal investigator: Chiara Garau.

CAT MED (Change Mediterranean Metropolises Around Time)

Launched in May 2009 in Malaga, Spain, the CAT MED (Change Mediterranean Metropolises Around Time) project involves the implementation of a pilot project, “Green Apple” for the establishment of guidelines for the construction of a sustainable neighborhood .

Local services

Piano strategico della città metropolitana di Cagliari

The Strategic Plan is a programmatic document which collects the development lines of a specific territory that affect a medium-term time span, between 10 and 15 years. Until a few years ago of a voluntary nature, it has now become a mandatory act for all metropolitan cities, as established by Law 56/2014 (Delrio Law).

Coordinator: Luigi Mundula.