Deadline per abstract submission 11 gennaio 2021.

Geography is the science of relationship between the earth and human. This is the basic definition of Geography. But Geography is not only a science of relationship. Geography also has meaning of evaluation, interpretation, awareness and analysis. With all this meaning Geography is the “Queen of the all sciences”.

In the historical eras, people use the science of Geography to explore the World. While the first discoveries were in their own environment, as time progressed, human trips to discover other environments as well. These discoveries, sometimes made for the “wonder” but are often realized the needs.

In the Little Ice Age period, under the heavy climatic conditions people have traveled to unknown regions of the world to search for new sources. Thus, in a sense, the adverse climatic conditions seen in the Little Ice Age caused the beginning of the era of discoveries. And so Geography made the continents and human come together.

The fact that Istanbul is located at the junction of the continents constitutes the most important point of this great meaning. The 34. International Geographical Congress, which will be organized for the first time in Istanbul where the continents meets, will host the most accurate way of realizing this historical meaning of the Geography. Thus, all colleagues in all continents will meet in Istanbul.

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