Deadline per abstract submission 15 agosto 2021.

The popularity of the theory and method space syntax has grown rapidly in recent years. It connects the fields of spatial analysis and urban design in the arena of transport, land use and people’s behavior. Coined in the 1970s by Bill Hillier and his colleagues at Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, it allows for analyzing spatial relationships with regard to urban performance and change. In its wider context, space syntax is a set of techniques that can be applied individually and in different combinations with one another.

In the context of climate change, space syntax allows for an understanding how spatial parameters can encourage or limit sustainable urban transformation and sustainable mobility means. This is extended by the investigation on the connection between the sustainable city debate and existing space syntax theories to build knowledge on the relationship between space and society. The challenge is that sustainable development concerns both normative and descriptive issues, and here, we are dealing with present as well as future needs. In order to predict future needs, a descriptive approach is needed from a present context. The aim of this Special Issue is to bring together state-of-the art knowledge and innovation connecting space syntax with the sustainable city debate.

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